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  1. any word on this mine isnt update it really never has
  2. i followed the directions and the video and its not working
  3. how long does it normally take for it to start sending notifications
  4. yes and they work one by one but when i add them all in together it messes up
  5. i believe so they all work
  6. the mdt seems to not pull up but when it trys it leaves the mouse curser on screen
  7. also i think you have to be standing still when you make them put there hands up
  8. i will check that, curious question is there a limit on how many callouts you can run?
  9. i tried that how can i fix it or rekeybind it
  10. for some reason the E key is not stopping peds is there a way i can change the key bind for that
  11. its one of the call outs i have quite a few in so ill check them all and see what happens
  12. ok i think it works now let me total restart the server and try it one more time
  13. ok it works for now let me add in the extra callouts
  14. restarting server ill keep you updated

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