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  1. So I don't know if anyone can help cause of how long its been on here, but just recently installed the addon and well police-police4 works but police5-police9 says it spawned but doesnt actually spawn. Exactly why is that? I have other car addon packs in that works perfectly without issue. Can someone help
  2. So all of a sudden the MDT quits working. It worked before but then after updating fivepd it makes some of the cars not work with the MDT. It is weird. My other members could also use it in a certain car, but when i try the same car it doesnt work. Any idea?
  3. After playing for like 3 hours with no issues I run into an issue when calling ems, coroner, or tow. Sometimes they wont pick up the body but when they do, they dont get back in the car. So when trying to cancel them, they dont disappear, they just stay there in the middle of the road. Any ideas?
  4. Sometimes when the people on the server and even myself try to search a vehicle it wont let us. Its doesnt work almost all the time but its rare that it actually does work. Any ideas?
  5. Sometimes when people finish a traffic stop they cant officially stop the traffic stop, they try holding shift and they try releasing the person and still nothing. It prevents them from pulling people over and we have to restart the script for it to work again.
  6. So everything works fine except one issue. It keeps saying stuff was not specified and it will do the default value. How can I fix this?
  7. So when I am on a call as backup and the person requests me and i come as backup. When he ends the call its crashes me. Why does that happen?
  8. After stopping someone, the red dot that appears on the map stays there even after calling the coroner or taking the suspect to jail. The only way to fix it is the restart the script. Is there something I am doing wrong or is it something that was brought up and fixed?
  9. So this was tested our for more than 8 hours. It happens all the time. If it is just one person in game, the ped check menu will work but once it comes down to more than one person, it doesnt work at all. is there a way to fix this or will a fix be released soon?

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