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  1. GlenS


    Thanks very much. Really appreciated everything I got it going.
  2. GlenS


    Thanks got it working thanks a lot big time.
  3. I will try that thank you very much.
  4. Sorry not sure what you mean. The issues that I was having at first was getting admin into the fivepd computer. Well we got that fixed. But now it will not let me create a department due to the fivepd system tag in front of the icons. Please see attached screenshot. The second issue is we are getting a error message that says what I have in a screenshot. Please see attached I am very sorry. I don't know anything about any of this. It's our first time at this. Thanks in advance.
  5. Hi there sorry to bug you. We are getting an error message please find a screenshot attached. Thanks in advance.
  6. GlenS


    Sorry if this is posted twice. We want to thank you for the help on the admin part. We did it and it worked. The problem we have now is the us a label that says fivepd computer system that is in the way and won't allow us to create a department I have provided a screenshot on the issue. Thanks in advance. Also sorry for double posting if it did.
  7. GlenS


    Okay I tried that. We are still having problems. If you can see in this screenshot it opened up but it won't let me do anything to create a department. The five computer system logo is in the way.
  8. GlenS


    Thank you very much.
  9. Hi I have been trying to set up a department. When I get to the admin part it won't let me click in the box to type the password at all. Please help and thank you. PS please find a picture attached of the issue thanks

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