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  1. It's supposed to I think, pretty sure it's bugged right now
  2. Add a title or name to a new report
  3. I'm posting this for @CaydenFranklin A digital Notepad to use for reports traffic stops either in cad or as a different popup
  4. With multiple callouts it is difficult to select a specific call you wish to go to, so being able to select which call and accept said call in the MDT system would be great.
  5. Just got my Big Baby Light Edition, looks pretty sweet!
  6. When accepting someones backup request, on the requesting officers screen it should pop-up who accepted it so they know they are actually getting backup Edit: Another feature you could add with this is on a backup request it will show who and how many are on the call so that players can see if they should respond or not depending on the amount of backup responding Edit2: Being able to accept backup from ingame (similar to accepting a call in game)
  7. Next thing I get is def gonna be the Plus, currently have a SMOK Big Baby Light Edition on the way to replace my Cubix Max atomizer
  8. I have the Normal Suorin Air, one of the best pods out there, hows the Plus?
  9. Can't wait to get my hands on it! quick critique however, I'm assuming the "Biker on Highway" call is a bicycle and if so should be renamed to "Bicycle on Highway" to clarify what you're actually looking for.
  10. Will the callouts function like LSPDFR in the way there is kind of a leveling system on how often you will get a certain callout

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