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  1. Hey, is it possible to get the 2014 explorer model link? Or is it private
  2. Thanks for replying but one thing, it seems as some liveries like the 2020 Tahoe and 2016 Explorer liveries cover up the vehicles license plates. I may just be installing them wrong but on your screenshots they have the plates so I'm confused.
  3. Great pack but question, where exactly can I find Infedel's BCSO pack? Thanks
  4. Nice pack, I really like it but where exactly do I find the models for these skins?
  5. So im having a bug where when I go on duty random peds just start shooting for no reason, (All around the map) and when I get like 10 feet close to them they instantly become cuffed.. If I try to shoot them my characters arm becomes dislocated and I cant shoot the person. Here is a clip of when im responding to a call:

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