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  1. Not like warnings even matter, they won't ever take any disciplinary action anyways, especially with some members racking up 5-10 point, and some even having "golden-tickets."

  2. He didn't steal a damn thing, he used the original light bar by RoegenTV and heavily edited it, not stolen at all.
  3. I love you for releasing this.
  4. Redneck does make really good models tbh and a quality pack that big is honestly worth that.
  5. They are these vehicles. They are paid and fucking expensive; however, you can use any vehicle with the same base : CVPI: OfficerUnderwood FPIU: BXBuggs (I believe) 09: (Should be any 09 Charger you find) Excursion & Tahoe : No public models?
  6. Yea, they blend well together. @SF Design's
  7. Nice Skins, kinda remind me of where I'm from.?
  8. Ray

    Congrats on becoming a content creator! Keep up the great work, Stobe!

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