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  1. Who We Are We're a game development company and we're working on a project relating to emergency unit management. We'll also be releasing development videos showing our progress along the way. Have a peak at our first video below: About Our Company and Experience Boneyard Games is legally DreamCode LLC. We at DreamCode has worked with various companies out of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex and Manhattan New York area ranging from eCommerce web applications to applications for use in the medical industry. Application types include mobile apps, web applications, and desktop software applications. As a result we've grown since our last projects, we're self funded, and have directed our primary attention toward our video game project. We've on-boarded experienced and certified Unreal Engine developers and continue to utilize the powerful tools Unreal Engine has to offer.. Projects We've Worked on Before The team has changed drastically. Our projects include: SAPDFR Mod Series (San Andreas Police Dept. First Response) SAPDFR Online / FRMP (First Response Multiplayer) MTA Server Modern Law (Incomplete / on hiatus)

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