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  1. You got purple speaker on your cars : fix it in your YTD by reimporting the 315P diffuse in Open IV and select compression in A8R8G8B8; same for your FPIU mirror covers It would look really nice if you correct those details ! Keep it up!
  2. Hi guys ! I would like to take some time to introduce myself a little bit. I'm a 24 year-old french citizen, I serve in the Air Force. I've started vehicle development late 2017, mainly to make vehicles by myself for the LEFR server I manage with two friends. So my main activity on GTA is FiveM, I don't even know how to mod my solo so ? Currently, I haven't uploaded many files, but the thing may change in the future. I would like to provide some things to this community. Stay safe !
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    Some shots of my WIPs

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