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  1. Yeah which I have looked through each one which was updated since the last update of FivePD if you find any more compatible sure, but those I garuntee will work...
  2. Thats what I did, so use the list I provided and garuntee it shall not have any issues.
  3. all the ones I have listed above were last updated from Saturday which is when last update was posted
  4. These are what I'm currently using.
  5. I have fixed this issue, it seems to be certain callouts, make sure all your callouts are last updated after the last fivepd update because that what broke mine.
  6. I am having similiar issue, with this does your five pd show in game allow you to go onduty, arrest people etc but will not give you access to computer, or to get any call outs, only 1 ser in my server gets to use the computer and callouts and it's randomly happening. Anything related with your issue?
  7. This doesn't do anything because if you then correct the date to american style as it only allows MM/DD/YYYY which then will prompt for invalid time, then invalid street then invalid ZIP theres no way around it , it's the writing to database and its just frustrating, this was working a few updates ago but since updating it , it then broke it again with databases so this is a confusing system, all users get loggged perfectly fine then departments but still does not function as should and I know works for others but these issues should not happen for other people (Like myself)
  8. We have been running this version since FIVE PD released. It is more of a data base issue rather then an issue with the server,b the database is connected perfectly fine.
  9. Not sure on the fix that was announced but continuing to get this error depite clean update etc.
  10. We tried these varients nothing would allow us to input into the DB either one of them errors would occur. Which is baffling which to why because we can login and it says we're connected to the database fine.
  11. Yes, I have accounts connected to the database which work perfectly fine.
  12. So I've installed this (FivePD) onto our server Great at start no issues as such that would be of expected but then when it comes to creating reports / citations it comes up with either invalid date which is impossible to solve because we gueeing it uses real time... the time uses ingame as we figured but dont understand the date. As you can see the rest of it works okay but just issues with inputting the data...

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