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  1. Hello my suggestion is a full station setup for FivePD below I will explain how it will work General suggestion: So whenever someone joins the server for the first time one main issue we run into is that people have issues/trouble on how they are able to join a department without being in a rezed emergency service vehicle, so my suggestion is a full station setup. So how that could work is whenever someone logs onto the server they can head to any 'listed' station and within the station or even outside the station would be a kiosk or interactable circle that once activated will ask them which department they would like to join. More of the "System" suggestion expanded: This could be expanded on, people could go to the station TOGO on duty, once activating the kiosk or interactive circle the player would be taken into the locker room to select department Peds (Or EUP if possible), then it takes them to select the desired loadout (Patrol, Task Force, SWAT, ect), then perhaps a garage to select a department vehicle (To be rezzed outside the station or have a config with adjustable cords)
  2. @Grandpa Rex (Forgive me if you dont like tagging) Figured id show you this (And anyone else), I just happen to find this when i was looking at resources. Now i havent tested it but within the config it appears like you can set the Vehicles to spawn with Certain Liverys and extras, Which mean at the very least this is possible. =D
  3. Well an example would be with how someone is running the server, For us We have BCSO and LSPD using the same pack, with that being said If i have the Dodge Charger it can have several liverys and mods for different things like Patrol, Supervisor, Traffic Unit, Drug Suppression unit, and so on. Considering the level on customization already available and this as an added benefit department heads can kit out the unit as they see fit for the role its assigned without anyone having to use a trainer and make sure the proper skin or mod is on the car. Also as someone that is aware of that method it also causes issues with forcing extras in the vehicle.meta, or at least in our experiance
  4. SET_VEHICLE_EXTRA Also that, Though again I'm not a coder, so this being "possible" is unknown Having both Livery and Extras set in a cofig would be fantastic either way xD
  5. I mean Vmenu does it, you can save the car with the livery and extras and pull it from a personal list, I’d assume since it’s all native UI it works the same, I’m not a scripter so I can’t fully confirm if it’s possible just a neat idea
  6. I think this would be a great addiction to an already fantastic mod. I assume you mean the ability to add/type which Livery the vehicle spawns with like for example if a single car has several liverys (Patrol, Traffic, DUI unit, K-9 ect) and set which Extras it spawns with. Example: "name": "Police 2", "vehicle": "police2", "isAvailableForEveryone": false, "useRanks": true, "availableForRanks": ["Officer I", "Officer II"], "availableForDepartments": [1] "Livery":"livery_0” "Extra1": True "Extra2: False Or something along those lines
  7. As I stated above we are already doing this method, Beach callouts when installed seem to reproduce the issue instantly, however even with it out, things work fine for a little bit then the issue reappears. (Car callouts & Drunk callouts are the only things installed when we did Majority of our testing). Once I’m done at work I’m doing this
  8. That’s what we are doing already, to be clear our issues isn’t that the callouts are not there it’s that we cannot accept them with they appear from either being dispatched or forced by the debug. The only thing in the FivePD/callouts folder is just the dll (tested with and without the configuration). an update from our test last night we noticed we could get the issue to reappear though we are not completely sure what’s triggering it. Unlike before everything works fine but after awhile it just doesn’t accept the callouts. (the issue is instant if we have the beach callouts dll in the FivePD/callouts) I say this to state what we are currently experiencing within our server, not that FivePD resources or BGHD resources are the cause of this issue since barely anyone is experiencing the same issue. After work today to help us try to narrow down what might be causing it we are going to get another server (for strictly testing) and do a clean instal of FivePD and the the 3 callouts with nothing else and see if we get the same results our main server has. Super Appreciate the responses from BGHD and FivePD. We will update here once again if anything changes or we find something.
  9. As a side note we are very Slowly adding in more callouts (Compatible with 1.2) and cant seem to get the error to reproduce. To confirm that this is an issue it only seems to not work until we add in the Beach Callouts dll back into the server, so at least with us it seems as if that's what's causing it. ((We double checked and Redownloading the Beach Callout resource from the website, while also clearing our server cache)) We are golden for the time being of the post but ill continue to update if something changes
  10. So got an Update, It seems like the main issue of not able to accept callouts is still there even though its doesn't start right away seems to take a min after a few callouts have passed, I will continue our testing to hopefully get this resolved for our server.
  11. Hello! The only callouts we had Installed was the default trespassing dll, Car Callouts dll, drunk callouts dll, and the beach callouts dll (currently removed) we are still trying to reproduce the issue to make sure things are running ok and so far everything seems fine. PS there a strong possibility that is some sort of user error on our dev part, we will keep this updated if something changes
  12. So i think i figured it out, After doing ALOT and i mean ALOT of different things and testing, we finally think we found the issue, It would appear that the Beach Callouts dll is busted, after removing just that callout dll all the other ones began working as intended and i can accept them. We have Car Callouts, Drunk Callouts working perfectly together.
  13. Omg thanks for the Info, Ill take it just so it there in the server until its resolved, Though i guess it doesnt matter if i cant accept them.

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