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  1. BGHD i'll give that a shot as soon as i figure out why my FiveM crashes as soon as i launch it.
  2. i may remove them. i like the callouts but they're buggy. wrong directions, clipping NPCs and of course the main issue. not being able to accept callouts after a few have been. i could try using the in game F8 controller and restart the plug ins and see what happens
  3. I installed everything the way i've done other packs and i cant even spawn any of them. it just says vehicle not found
  4. i actually reinstalled the call outs in case it was a an older version but now i'm having the issue of not being able to accept callouts after doing a handful
  5. i had been trying to add a few police and First Responder vehicles and i noticed when i went on duty in a preset police car or my add ons none of my call outs would show up. i reset the game and went to a police station, went to the locker room and it didn't give me an option to go on duty.. did i delete something by accident that starts the call outs. i mean when i go on duty it shows "911 Dispatch "username" is on duty" but i never GET any calls.
  6. i just downloaded this and the sirens don't work. lights come on and the horn works but no siren
  7. so i added the files, set the name so it's easier to find in the trainer and made sure my config as right but when i try to spawn vehicle by name it says: ""vehiclename" could not be found"
  8. i'm assuming i added text on either my .cfg or my .json files when adding plug-ins.
  9. i actually resolved the issue. i reinstalled the fivepd folder and reset up MySQL and as of midnight everything was working. Thank you for responding though.
  10. i'm new to this. i followed a guide on how to create a server i got it working. i was adding the kuchera menu and Fire&Rescue callouts went to start my server and didn't get a complete start up on my start.bat and FiveM said could not load resource fivepd. if someone could please help i would greatly appreciate it. P.S. attached is the response i got.

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