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    ALPR.json File?

    Changed Status to Rejected
  2. There should be another error either in your server console or in your F8 console. The TypeError won't cause any issue.
  3. Be sure to replace everything, including the computer folder aswell. We've just tested it with this input data and it works. Proof:
  4. Hey everyone, FivePD v1.4.1 is out with a small, but important fix: Fixed Animal control issues How to update (from v1.4) Replace: FivePD_client.net.dll FivePD_server.net.dll How to update (from v1.3.1) Replace: computer folder config/menu.json __resource.lua add "stationBlips": true (or replace config.json) FivePD_client.net.dll FivePD_server.net.dll
  5. Changed Status to Under Review
  6. Changed Status to Fixed
  7. Hey everyone, FivePD v1.4 is out with a few new features, bug fixes, changes, and more! Changed FivePD resource folder can now be renamed to anything (default: 'fivepd', be sure to use lowercase letters!) Added When you go into a jail drop-off marker it won’t despawn the ped automatically, you have to press a key for it. Default is U, you can find it in the keybind settings with the name “Put ped into jail” Option to toggle the police station blips in the config.json: “stationBlips”: true or false Option to toggle the duty change button in the duty menu: menu.json, more info in the config guide Citations will be displayed for peds in the “Criminal record” window Toggleable ID panel You can only open the panel after taking the Driver's license from a ped and by pressing 'J' (J is the default key, which can be changed in FiveM's keybindings tab) Fixed A bug that made it impossible to increase the department member limit over 1000 ( current limit is 10000 ) Citation/arrest report charges were not cleared automatically after uploading the citation/report ( so you had to manually unclick it one by one ) A few computer (MDT) related issues How to update (from v1.3.1) Replace: computer folder config/menu.json __resource.lua add "stationBlips": true (or replace config.json) FivePD_client.net.dll FivePD_server.net.dll
  8. Daniel K.


    Changed Status to Accepted
  9. Daniel K.


    Something similar is planned and will be added in the future (but not only for admins).
  10. Changed Status to Closed
  11. Changed Status to Rejected
  12. https://gtapolicemods.com/forums/forum/105-fivepd-support/
  13. Hey everyone, This small patch should fix a few annoying issues. Fixed Database connection/desync issues when a player is trying to connect to the server ( + department ) MDT crash/freeze after changing and saving the department details and clicking on "Delete ranks" A random error when there were two items in the vehicles.json "police" array with the same "vehicle" values Removed "bans" table from the database How to update (from v1.3) Replace: computer folder __resource.lua FivePD_client.net.dll FivePD_server.net.dll (optional) Delete "bans" table from the database ( SQLite + MySQL) Config editor app We've made this app to let you easily modify your config files.

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