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  1. I get the same message, any Ideas? [ FivePD ] OneSync is not supported! Errors may occur if you don't disable it! [ FivePD ] Set the following variables in the server.cfg: [ FivePD ] -> onesync off [ FivePD ] -> onesync_population false [ FivePD ] but I disabled onesync in the zap settings, also in the server.cfg, If I check it its off (also disabled onesync_population): "onesync" is "off" default: "off" type: fx::OneSyncState
  2. I mean the "connection to the internet" part, not the database itself. I dont know why it does that, but that is the part that doesnt work on my zap server. What does it do, there?
  3. they ask me for connection details. Could you guys tell me to which server the fivem plugin tries to connect? Perhaps with IP and Ports? Thanks in advance.
  4. thank you for answering. Yes, this also worked for me some time ago. But I tried 20 times now without success. But it seems like that there is no solution for me.
  5. Hi, FivePD doesnt work anymore for me. Did a reinstall -> nothing changed. An error has occured: Internet connection is required to play FivePD. Either our server is unreachable or you are not connected to the internet. Unloading FivePD... Could you help me with this? It is hosted by zap and has a fixed IP. I have another script which activates against an webserver, no issues with that. Thanks in advance. EDIT: I also tried to shutdown the server several times and set the ftp rights as mentioned in the forum page, but without success. EDIT2: I asked the zap support, nothing is blocked on their side.
  6. I think the esx database caused some issues, I recreated the databases and created a seperate one for fivePD. It works now ? Hope his is the correct approach
  7. yes, I added my DB credentials in the config as mentioed in the document and imported the sql file successfully into the existing sql database.
  8. Ohh... 1.1? I just downloaded 1.4 and installed this one - perhaps that is the issue? Do I have to use 1.1 and apply the other ones as "patches"? EDIT: Oh sorry ? I just saw that its 1.1.4. Do I have to install 1.1 first?
  9. Hi, installed fivePD on zap like you mentioned in the docs. Everything seems ok, no errors in log. If I logon, I get the attached message. I get no callouts (im not in a department) and cant do anything in the b menu, its empty. See second screenshot. any Ideas? Thanks in advance.

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