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  1. Changed Status to Under Review
  2. Because that's not how you enable OneSync. You need to write +set onesync on in the startup file after the exe run. And if you type "onesync" in the server console it'll show you if it's turned on or not.
  3. Read the README and Release note, and turn on OneSync.
  4. This version only includes small bug fixes that occured in v1.5 and a left out feature. Updating from v1.5 Replace the following files: FivePD_client.net.dll file FivePD_server.net.dll file Fixes Corrected an issue where FivePD unloaded if a player's FiveM license was null Corrected an issue with ambulance peds not using the paramedic model Addition Added ability to set extras of garage vehicles. For more information read the included "Configuration guide".
  5. Changed Status to Fixed
  6. Will be fixed in a hotfix!
  7. Hey everyone, FivePD v1.5 is out after a long wait with lots of bug fixes, improvements and some new features! Updating from v1.4.1 Replace the following files / folders: computer folder FivePD_client.net.dll file FivePD_server.net.dll file FivePD.net.dll file Remove the following files / folders: __resource.lua file Add the following files / folders: fxmanifest.lua file config/garage.json file Make sure to replace your languages/en.json and/or copy-paste the "AdminMenu" section to your translation file! Fixes and Improvements Corrected an issue with the "Animal Control" service Corrected issues which caused MDT related console warnings including: "Attempt to spread non-iterable" "Unhandled promise rejection" "Uncaught type error" Corrected an issue where attempting to stop another player's ped would result in an improper action being carried out Corrected an issue with the observation system Corrected an issue when attempting to cancel the "Mechanic" service Corrected an issue when the "Prisoner Transport" service is complete Corrected an issue where non-authorized players could access FivePD Improved the ability to perform traffic stops on larger vehicles Improved the ability to perform traffic stops on vehicles with trailers attached Corrected an issue where player-owned objects would occasionally not be properly removed on game exit Corrected an issue where players occasionally could get wanted level Improved numerous subsystems to allow for improved OneSync compatibility Removed the introductory screen on first join after consultation with the community Improved the notification which online players receive when another player leaves the department Switched from the legacy resource definition file to the newer variant Additional bug fixes and improvements Additions Added official recommended support for OneSync. Many of the core systems in the gamemode have been reworked to yield better support for the engine Added an intuitive method to view the last known location of a vehicle currently involved in a pursuit, which is now displayed after the vehicle has left an area around involved players Added ability to customize the livery of service vehicles. More information is available in the "Configuration Guide" included with FivePD. Legacy versions of the configuration file are still compatible with v1.5 A legacy feature has been reintroduced, adding the ability to designate a location for players to spawn once connected. More information is available in the "Configuration Guide" included with FivePD Added the ability to define garages in the config/garage.json file. Added vehicles will spawn at designated locations and be available to FivePD players. Vehicles in this file will be constantly respawned to ensure availabilty Added the ability to prevent AI from running, ramming and to ignore players. More information is available in the "Configuration guide" included with FivePD Added a new sub-menu in the Duty menu, accessible to FivePD admins. This menu will be used to contain several new administrator features in future updates. It currently contains the following: Garage sub-menu: Allows administrators to control garages around the game map Development Tools sub-menu: Contains utilities for callout and plugin developers. Example: Just press the 'Save current position' button and your position, heading and the selected ped model will be saved into a txt file in the fivepd folder in a format which you can copy-paste into the API's SpawnPed method API Changes Added custom attribute restrictions (CalloutPropertiesAttribute) Added SetPlayerData() method. Currently supports: Department changes Department kicks Callsign changes Added methods to get the passengers of the current traffic stop’s vehicle: GetTrafficStopDriver() GetTrafficStopVehicleOccupants()
  8. Changed Status to Accepted
  9. Changed Status to Accepted
  10. Closing this, because this feature is already implemented.
  11. Changed Status to Under Review
  12. Changed Status to Under Review
  13. We don't save any ped or vehicle information due to the entities being deleted after they're out of viewing distance / stopping the server.
  14. Changed Status to Rejected
  15. I'm not going into details and certainly not promise anything, but I can say that the "Garage" idea has been accepted. We'll only update the suggestion status if all ideas have been reviewed.
  16. FivePD does not do anything to the map and I don't even know what's that...
  17. Changed Status to Fixed
  18. Changed Status to Rejected
  19. It doesn't land on any victim, but the position you called it. Call it in a large area and it'll be good. Also we can't determine if there is enough room for the heli until it gets there.
  20. Changed Status to Under Review

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