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  1. Had to take the above picture.For some reason my keyboard screen shot button is not working right
  2. I added fivepd and did everything as told. When I push f11 I don't get the fivepd menu screen but it show in console that fivepd is loaded and no errors to show.And the fivepd loading screen is there to when I login.The only thing that does not show is the fivepd in the upper left hand corner with the version of the program.
  3. I made a fresh install of everything and I still have the problem. No Fivepd menu
  4. And I did download the latest version of fivepd
  5. It's on the loading screen just not working ingame
  6. I've added you as admin on the server with a temp pw
  7. Nope. It's loaded but I can't access it and there's no fivepd icon anywhere in the game
  8. Ok now the server is up and running again
  9. I tried the screen shot button but it don't want to work for me >.<
  10. Or I can let you in on my server console as an admin and go from there

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