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  1. purse9


    is there a way to fix this
  2. purse9

    callout fix

    So you were 100% correct when I added the 7th vehicle to the f11 menu it must not have liked it because i removed at and my f11 menu now works......Thank you to everyone who helped and gave input I really appreciate it
  3. purse9

    callout fix

    The only .Jason file iv touched was the vehicle file to add a custom car to the menu
  4. purse9

    callout fix

    Not yet...wondering y I would need to do that if I have not changed anything
  5. purse9

    callout fix

    I pulled all my callouts and still have nothing in my f11 menu
  6. purse9

    callout fix

    I didnt check that yet but the merge callouts I thought was supposed to fix that.
  7. not sure what's up I did everything the way you said to I got to the point where it says copy everything from the output folder, so I copied the and the into the callouts folder of the server and when I get in my server and press f11 I see an empty menu. can you please let me know what im doing wrong
  8. purse9


    I have installed other vehicles but none with the same resource
  9. purse9


    I put in some custom non els police cars and the lights worked just fine....a few days later without changing anything the lights no longer work properly.....some lights don't light up or they are 6 feet away from the vehicle....any ideas
  10. is there a way to change the vanilla towtruck,ambulance,firetruck and coroner

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