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  1. What now Happens is the player Connects to the Server and in the up left corner isn´t the text you are off Duty but the command /+fivepd_f11 is not shown too.
  2. The problem is tha some player have after joining or rejoining the server the issue that fivepd don't register the player an dont load, if the player try to open the F11 menu he write automaticly in the chat /+fivepd_f11 And this problem stays to the moment where we delet him from the daterbase and after a while it starts again
  3. Hello over time we got more and more player wich we have to delet out of the Database, we use as Database an mySql Database. If the player have the Errors they write by pressing FivePD relevant keys /+fivepd_(and the pressed key)
  4. After Deleting the Player from the External Database it works but this is not the first time
  5. Hello we have some Players were FivePD is not loading correct. when the player presses F11 for going on Duty he writes in the Chat /+fivepd_f11. This Problem have only 2 player
  6. Withe the last update the Error is gone
  7. We use msql and we get the same error by settig up departmwnts but the departments are creatin in the database and after a serverrestart everything works Here ust the Pucture we removed some data from this Image
  8. Hi OneSync is a FiveM application witch you need if you want too use more than 32 sever Slots. Onesync is in the serverCFG but if you use FivePD OneSync can cause issues i hope i could help you
  9. Hello after Updating on the Version 1.2.8 we get a Database Error We installed the database, we can go on duty but we can´t setup departments. The Database is Setting up the Department and after a Server restart the Department and Five PD works fine, but the Error is still there
  10. Yes i´m on duty in a Vehicle witch is in the MDT list
  11. Hello Five PD is not Starting complet, you can go on duty but the Computer is making an Error and is not able to open Database is Setup an writing data

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