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  1. Yep! this "failed to tick" error just doesnt seem to want to fix, even with a new install, refresh of everything, it just keeps coming back lol... it is NOT gamebreaking though so that isnt the problem.
  2. Would be helpful if you posted a screenshot of your server-data > resources folder and also the server.cfg
  3. Hey guys, I noticed this mod and it says about it works alongside (ALPR Traffic Cameras) which is a LSPDFR plugin. So my question is, is it actually possible for LSPDFR plugins to work on FivePD/M ? Thanks ?
  4. Exactly what I thought, but since removing it the errors are no more, maybe a clash of something with IT and the callouts?!?
  5. I FOUND IT! haha... finally, after turning each and everything single thing on and off for ages and watching the logs, it was this all along: Obviously it needs updated for the latest version.
  6. You men from the same author? doesnt make sense if that was a thing, I am using this to combine them all anyway, so I think in theory that would clear that part up. Tried with and without the fix and it still the same. I have now deleted a lot of the callouts and going to just add them 1 by 1 and hope that fixes things OR that I will find the culprit causing the problem.
  7. I am on 2430 with all this time getting them errors ? I may just reinstall everything and start adding callouts one by one and checking the logs as I go.
  8. Do you mean this fix? I am using that one ? How many callouts are you using on your server? ming if you show me which as I am either running too many (9 currently) or there is something clashing.
  9. Yep, callouts seem to be the main problem with FivePD right now in my opinion, I have noticed that many people just do traffic stops as callouts are causing too many problems and/or not working as they should be.
  10. Yup, seems to be with the callouts ?
  11. Any idea on the recommended amount of callouts? its a shame there is a limit, I hope its just a temporary thing right now and it gets upped in future releases.
  12. I will give that a go and see if its better, I will update you here once checked ?
  13. I am thinking then it could possibly be too many callouts or clashing of one another somehow?!?
  14. Just updated and started the game, but got no coronor, ambulance, etc blips, same goes for gps routes to callouts.
  15. This is solved so it seems <-
  16. Ooooo okay, my bad, sorry for that. I just thought that the installation instructions on the pages are a strict follow too else it wont work ?
  17. From my own experience and already reported to the authors, these: - GroupCallouts - Kidnapping-Raid Do not work with the current version, I have extensivly tested them plus loads of other callouts the past week. As said above though, could be some older ones in there, a LOT were updated a few days ago, the ones in the image are what I have working and all updated. I highly suggest using this though to combine your callouts and minimise errors. Saying that, the outdated ones are not game breaking, they just simply wont work or just throw up some errors at times. Working Callouts:
  18. Image of your resources folder, callouts folder, fivepd folder please. Was this a fresh install without any scripts etc running or?
  19. Unless its changed which I doubt it, you do NOT spawn at a police station by default, you spawn at a random position in game, then press F11 and spawn at any number of police station within the menu.
  20. isn't this a MySQL error? you are loading your database too, and have you set the database up correctly to work with fivepd as such: # DB connection string set mysql_connection_string "server=;database=fivepd;userid=root;password=" set es_enableCustomData 1 I've had the same error when I forgot to load up the db ?
  21. the two callouts: - Escaped Convicts [2.0.0] - Vengelico Robbery Are wrong, you need to put the actual .dll files into your callouts folder, NOT the folder itself ? While you are there, update the escapes convicts one, there is a 2.0.1 now and unless that is the recent update of Vengelico Robbery too then theres also an update for that too. Them two things could also be a cause of your errors, in future check the installation instructions to make sure ?
  22. I don't see how it breaks your entire server, xp/ranks are not important in my opinion, I am just wondering if the xp system was actually removed for good or just temporarily.

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