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  1. Yep! this "failed to tick" error just doesnt seem to want to fix, even with a new install, refresh of everything, it just keeps coming back lol... it is NOT gamebreaking though so that isnt the problem.
  2. Would be helpful if you posted a screenshot of your server-data > resources folder and also the server.cfg
  3. Hey guys, I noticed this mod and it says about it works alongside (ALPR Traffic Cameras) which is a LSPDFR plugin. So my question is, is it actually possible for LSPDFR plugins to work on FivePD/M ? Thanks ?
  4. Exactly what I thought, but since removing it the errors are no more, maybe a clash of something with IT and the callouts?!?
  5. I FOUND IT! haha... finally, after turning each and everything single thing on and off for ages and watching the logs, it was this all along: Obviously it needs updated for the latest version.
  6. You men from the same author? doesnt make sense if that was a thing, I am using this to combine them all anyway, so I think in theory that would clear that part up. Tried with and without the fix and it still the same. I have now deleted a lot of the callouts and going to just add them 1 by 1 and hope that fixes things OR that I will find the culprit causing the problem.
  7. I am on 2430 with all this time getting them errors ? I may just reinstall everything and start adding callouts one by one and checking the logs as I go.
  8. Do you mean this fix? I am using that one ? How many callouts are you using on your server? ming if you show me which as I am either running too many (9 currently) or there is something clashing.
  9. Yep, callouts seem to be the main problem with FivePD right now in my opinion, I have noticed that many people just do traffic stops as callouts are causing too many problems and/or not working as they should be.
  10. Yup, seems to be with the callouts ?
  11. Any idea on the recommended amount of callouts? its a shame there is a limit, I hope its just a temporary thing right now and it gets upped in future releases.
  12. I will give that a go and see if its better, I will update you here once checked ?
  13. I am thinking then it could possibly be too many callouts or clashing of one another somehow?!?

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