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  1. If you use ELS+ then I'm pretty sure it will. Otherwise, no. This vehicle is ELS and would require ELS mod to work.
  2. Does the released version have a spotlight? Because the ones in the images don't. And is it moveable with the spotlight mod or just using the tank turret method where it only moves left and right?
  3. I can't post the entire .json cause the one I modified, I deleted. It might be a tiny mistake I made somewhere though. I took the default one and replace one car with a custom car and it worked just fine. So I'm going to go through line by line and hope I don't mess it up. It's ashame that messing it up causes the entire menu to not work. Would be nice for an error message instead or something.
  4. When I change the vehicles in vehicles.json, the Duty Menu doesn't open. Is this a bug or did I do something wrong? I was doing stuff like this, but my whole file is gone now cause I put the default one in and the duty menu loaded just fine { "name": "Los Santos 2", "vehicle": "lspd2" }, { "name": "Los Santos 3", "vehicle": "lspd3" },
  5. It's a bug being fixed in the next FivePD update.
  6. Yea let me load back up to FiveM, hang on
  7. Yea I'm getting the same error. I did 04/23/2020 and everything else in my report is fine but every time I go to submit the report it says invalid date.
  8. Yes ambient events of broken traffic laws. That would be amazing and add to the level of realism.
  9. Oh those numbers have more than doubled since December lol
  10. Haha that was the count in December.
  11. What's your favorite graphic mod combination? Some play it simple and some stack graphic mods to create an ultra-realistic looking game. I personally use Make Visuals Great Again, RadianceV and a reshare option. It creates a great look but nothing extremely crazy.
  12. Haha 3 months late and I see this. Yea we should definitely play sometime!
  13. 5G towers are definitely spreading COVID-19. They are also reading your minds and telling the Government about all your sexual fantasies.

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