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  1. Both on separate databases.
  2. not sure what you mean by this one
  3. yeah i was in both and no errors server-side console
  4. well i only had the ones that come with with it and it still not working
  5. What do they mean and still the callouts not working and i got the new one
  6. Hi did you find a fix for it as i got the same and i got no errors
  7. domdom22


    the new one v1.1.4 it dose work but not for the callouts and itry the v1.1.2.1 still the callout not pop up
  8. domdom22


    there is no errors and i not put any callout in atm just the ones that come with it they just dont pop up
  9. domdom22


    callouts dont work on my server
  10. domdom22


    okay thank youi will try that.

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