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  1. It will call for the type of backup that the call is programed for. Basically the API has callout.getResponseCode (that's not exact, I am not looking at it) and it returns a 3, 2 or 1. I send the same backup as the callout.
  2. Uhhh, yah. That's how it works. It's so when you're playing with others they are dispatched to your call. Pretty straight forward.
  3. Guys, it's not a big deal. A tick allows me to check for something over and over. I don't program "delays" into my code because they are trash. So the API throws this error. If it's not causing the plugin to break, ignore it.
  4. Redownload the plugin. I believed the error is gone in the most recent version
  5. Those are normal...it's a FivePD API problem.
  6. The traffic stop has a couple of timers. You might be hitting a really weird edge case. Can you repeat the issue over and over? If so, see if you can send me a video, or I can join your server and try it.
  7. Version 0.0.1


    Getting the snot kicked out of you? When your health is reduced because you can't handle your own, this plugin will call for code99 backup. Automatically. Throw the file in the fivepd>plugin folder
  8. Version 0.0.2


    After you get on scene of a callout, a time will start. After 4 minutes you will be asked if you are code 4 (a message at the bottom of the screen). After a few seconds you will receive a popup. If you are code 4, hit 'y' and press 'enter'. If you are not code 4, just hit enter. Oh, you have 10 seconds to respond to the message or you will automatically get backup called. The times are short because this isn't real life. It doesn't take hours to clear a call in FivePD If you are not code 4, you will get code99 backup if the call was a code 3 response. If it was a code 2 or
  9. Fixed. Now, if you've started a call (i.e., already started the chase, arrived on scene etc.) a new call will not be generated. It will check every 2 minutes to see if you've cleared the call yet. As long as you're on a call, you will not get a new callout. If you clear the call and the timer has 1:30 left on it and you try to make another stop, you will not get the traffic stop callout until the time runs out.
  10. It displays as a backup request. The other players have the option to accept the request.
  11. I've now added full support in the way I described. Still cleaning it up a little, but it's good.
  12. Opinions are fantastic things to have
  13. Version 0.0.3


    When you make traffic stop, a callout will be generated. Accept it as normal. It uses your current location.
  14. tf88

    Multi-unit Dispatch

    I couldn't wait any longer.
  15. Version 0.0.1


    This is a simple script that automatically calls for backup based on the call. For example, if you are dispatched to a code 3 call, others you are playing with will be dispatched as backup.
  16. tf88

    Multi-unit Dispatch

    When someone is dispatched, that means a call has been assigned. Depending on the call, you may dispatch more than one officer. I think these two features go hand in hand.
  17. IRL I can see all dispatched calls in the CAD. I'd like to be able to see what other units are dispatched too and be able to self-attach.
  18. tf88

    Multi-unit Dispatch

    Just to expand a little more. When a call is dispatched to player A, and the server has Player A, B and C, the call should configured to dispatch all or some of the officers. For example, a robbery would be configured to need 5 units. It would send all 3, but not more than 5 units. If only needs 2, it would randomly select 2 of the units.
  19. IRL a traffic stop turns into a call in the CAD. When someone stops a vehicle, it should generate a call with the location. The CAD calls should be seen by everyone and you should be able to self attach...
  20. Certain calls require multiple officers, while others require just one. Can you add a feature where the same call can be dispatched to several online officers. All or one would be fine. Configurable in the callsout configuration would be nice!

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