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  1. Hey there first off love the script keep it going....maybe down the road have the default fire actually do fires but its awesome keep it up!!! My question is regarding the da tabase is empty but in game the mdt shows the members and ranks....what is the process to link or am i supposed to manually add them....i would love to use the database to make it more realistic and likely add more info to the game....any help would be awesome
  2. ok thanks....just with the fire callouts the fire seems to stick thought id ask....thanks again for response
  3. Is there a way to reverse it or is that set in if i wanted to change it what would i have to do....not you change your format you like....just asking
  4. Im curious of the script that requires a police vehicle to attend with lights on....there must be a line for it to add to vehicle meta or something so that they do ?
  5. I would like to see them come to the scene with lights on as I feel thats why they have the lights on their would be nice eye candy for all the cool tow trucks ?
  6. Would be nice or maybe a way to get the fire guys to actually put out fires....when i call them to the scene they act like medics/ems.....any help? or thoughts?
  7. Hello, just wondering where I could edit the script to spawn a certain spawn code for the vehicle coming. I dont want to change my vehicles to the base vehicles so if possible that would be awesome....sorry if its somewhere as I could not find any info on it...thanks love it btw
  8. Thank You! Is there gonna be an update in future to hold more calls?
  9. Hey its loads and shows me on duty but no cad and no is my f8 everything loaded on server end
  10. not a great info pack on the i just run the running a fivem local server on FX
  11. thank you I will give it a shot.....great job btw....;)
  12. like 6 there a limit?
  13. Guessing this screenshot will tell the story.....
  14. nevermind fixed thanks alot ?
  15. Thanks for the other part....but why am i not getting calls?

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