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  1. Is there any sort of CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch) mod that actually simulates the role of the dispatcher? Would like to have members play the role of dispatch as well, if there is such a mod available? Would add to the realism I am trying to accomplish with my server ?
  2. Found out the issue. I had changed the load order of the scripts in the server.cfg file without realizing doing so would "break" my fivepd server. I have reinstalled fivepd and all is working as it should.
  3. My FivePD is stuck on the loading screen (When it attempts to load scripts). I tried to comment out the scripts that I have added, but that did not help solve the script loading issue and according to the server load screen, everything is fine (screenshot attached). Here is a list of scripts that I currently have taken directly from my server.cfg: chat hardcap fivem fivepd lux_vehcontrol (addon script) mapmanager rconlog scoreboard sessionmanager spawnmanager vMenu (Addon Script) All the ones that I didn't mark as addon script, are the default scripts in case you were wondering. I have run my server before and it didn't take long to spawn in, not sure what is the issue now. I am running fivePD 1.1.3.
  4. Got it. Now I can follow the video. Thanks ?
  5. That is a bit confusing to me, as it still does not show how to install addons specifically for vmenu.
  6. To begin, I already have vmenu installed & working. I am not sure where to put all the addon ped/vehicle files so it will show up in vmenu. I have figured out that once you put the ped/car file somewhere, you need to edit the addons.json file found in the vmenu config directory.
  7. I've decided to go with non els vehicles with luxart vehicle control. In the end, I realized for me, ELS is more of a hassle over any benefits it will provide on my fivePD server & it will be easier for me to manage vehicles.
  8. That's what I needed to know. Thanks.
  9. This is my understanding of server and client side mods. Client Side: User downloads mod and said mod is only visible to them. Server Side: Means it is on the server, so all users that logon to the server can see the mod. Please do correct me if I am mistaken. Still learning to run/mod my fivePD server ?
  10. Anyone have any suggestions on what callout pack(s) to use with FivePD? The default callouts are well...flat if you will, wanting to add a little more excitement to my fivePD server, which I am working on ?
  11. Since I am still getting my server together, it wouldn't hurt in me trying it out and seeing how things work out. If the fiveM ELS mod does not work, I can always remove it ? Ah..that is good to know.
  12. I am looking at downloading some EUP uniform packs/ELS vehicles for my fivePD server. I was wondering if all ELS vehicles/ EUP uniform packs from LPSDFR's website were compatible with FivePD or if I have to find versions specific to FivePD. I am hoping they are, as there are some packs that are not available here on FivePD.
  13. That helps a lot. I didn't even think of setting up the callsign from within the Department setup in the MDT. At the moment I am just test running fivePD while I add some mods to it and learn how to be a server admin again ? Thanks for the help

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