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  1. What are the models used in the pic? Especially the CVPI?
  2. does it also still work without OneSync?
  3. Yes, any kind of OneSync will make FivePD do weird things.
  4. We have the same issue, just restarting the fivepd ressource is sufficent - but it is happening every server start. Very annoying.
  5. Since the latest FiveM update madness and the ressource monitor they shove into everyones face, running FivePD is becoming a huge problem for our small server with users complaining about that "info box". FivePD is by far the most hungry ressource - any way to get this down?
  6. Content of the bug report: What issue are you experiencing? FivePD reverts to default key binds after a restart despite showing the modified Key Binds in the MDT What did you do for this bug to occur? Changed Key Bind for "Stop Ped" to "B" via MDT, either restart FiveM or FivePD via Console - stop the Ped will be back to "E" ingame despite the MDT showing "B" and the MySQL-Database also showing "B" ({"tf_place_peds":29}) Do you own the server on which this bug occured? Yes For server owners only: What OS (Operating System) are you using? CentOS What version of FiveM server are you using? 3117 (always latest) Are you using any other server side resources? If so please list: happens to vanilla installation too
  7. I really hope this gets updated to support 1.2.8 and also gets improved so it can read locations, street names etc. - the audio files are all there.
  8. Several callouts are sadly throwing errors with 1.2.8 - my hopes are on you ?
  9. For administrative use, to manage all the callout files of different authors, import, edit and manage config.jsons and .dlls and let's you export one single callout .dll and one config.json file to put that back into fivepd. It should also allow you to enable/disable selected callouts from callout packs as they might be similiar with another callout from another pack.
  10. We also have the following random issues: - users can not accept calls (appears randomly) - users can not accept backup requests (appears randomly) - calls disappearing on their own while enroute (appears randomly) - calls crashing when someone accepts a backup request (appears randomly) - users sometimes unable to open MDT (going off and on duty again fixes it - sometimes) The rank actually gets updated in the database and is displayed after restarting the FivePD ressource We are using the latest FXServer built for Linux.
  11. When trying to assign a rank to a player via the MDT, it creates an "unexpected error" message and generates an error in the server console. Database is correctly set up, we tried a fresh department and a fresh rank file. [ FivePD ] An error has occured: Could not set player rank (requested by CitizenFX.Core.Player). Message: $System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object at Ul29xmGv62Xl120Qs㲽立䞈㬊䃊⤚�㎸䦍㸲䈲㩑㷮�䎳㑲喇㧨䔌㳎呂猪䶮䮬䑇䡸�䖨�䗳.Ul29xmGv62Xl120Qs㜩㺚㑐�⥸䭻㵭䟙⌹望㞶�〾䠄䩼㈍㧎䌃︸㋵䔯䩓䬹 (CitizenFX.Core.Player ⥲, System.String ⥳, System.Int32 ⥴, CitizenFX.Core.NetworkCallbackDelegate ⥵) [0x009fd] in <80c8bb28078d4213802fb1796440c2c4>:0
  12. When you stop a car during a call (chase/BOLO/etc.), it also generates a call-out. It should only do that when you are not already running a call.
  13. Is there a way to make criminals engange all human players and not just the "call owner"? It's a bit weird when 4 police cars are chasing the shooting van and it's only firing on the initial unit while all others can approach the suspects without getting shot at.

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