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  1. its really weird bc its kind of randomly error, sometimes this callouts works sometimes didnt. i figured it out to reinstall all callouts and disable some
  2. So there is a option to use a vanilla uniforms? Because I dont have that much money
  3. Okay, i got 2 more questions. First, its will really cost 15$ or this 2$ patreon will works? 15 is alot for me looking for my local currency its really big amount. Second, is there any way to use vanilla cop uniforms in FivePD? Because i cant find any option
  4. And everyone on my server need to patreon FiveM or only me as a owner?
  5. Okay, when im patreon FiveM my key got "upgrade" and EUP will work? And this key will stay upgrade or dissapper after month?
  6. Wait, I got my FiveM server key entered. Thats bc I can get 10 of them for free (I think).
  7. No, its necessary? And what's a keymaster?
  8. Hi When im using EUP and choosing a uniform its giving me weird hats/vests sometime missing arm textures etc. Its EUP server-side.
  9. Hi Recently i made homehosted (on hamachi lol) fivepd server and i got plenty of problems. I will divide them to 3 sections. 1. Callouts One time i can accept callout, next callout (even if its the same as previous) i can't accept. Like my Y button is unbinded or didnt working. Next problem with callouts its that i can't add person in my department to my callout. Its showing me sth like "no one nearby" even if my friend standing near to me. 2. EUP When Im using EUP (server side) my model spawns with weird caps, vests etc. Idk how to repair it. 3. Texture(?) It's not an exactly fivepd problem but textures are not loading for me. Very often i just got under the map and after couple of seconds i "spawned" at terrain. I hope yall can help me

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