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  1. @DeadPixel Are these callouts compatible with onesync?
  2. I mean is there an external one where I dont have to input all 150 of my added vehicles in vehicles.json?
  3. Hey guys! Anyone know any good Spike Strips that also works with A.I? If you do please link it. Thanks ?
  4. Hey Guys, So I have tried to install some callouts that worked on my old server. Now that I have made a new server with updated FivePD and FiveM there is an issue whereas the Models are not appearing when I get to a callout. Example, If I reach as scene of a Theft, the theft wont spawn in and it is like the call never happened. Would disabling onesync fix this? Or is there a different underlaying issue? Thanks for the support
  5. Delotrium

    Game Crash

    I have no idea why,, but for some reason after the resources load when I join my server, the game just crashes - it was working fine before and now I have no Idea what is happening, Ive restarted my computer, and reinstalled fivem. It only happens on my server aswell
  6. Why when I open FiveM this pops up like a virus? EDIT: Now I am stuck on this screen
  7. Well Thanks, Ill see if it works- and If it doesnt Ill try find a mod. Cheers
  8. local Weapons = { ["WEAPON_COMBATPISTOL"] = 0.1, ["WEAPON_CARBINERIFLE"] = 0.1 } Citizen.CreateThread(function() while true do Citizen.Wait(5) for weapon, modifier in pairs(Weapons) do if GetSelectedPedWeapon(PlayerPedId()) == GetHashKey(weapon) then SetPlayerWeaponDamageModifier(PlayerId(), v) end end end end) Would this work?
  9. By any chance- because I am only proficient in Machine/Deep Learning and Python- and no clue about Game Modifications, could you send your file if possible, or some sort of template?
  10. So how do natives work?
  11. Hey Guys, I am just wondering how can I decrease weapon damage and/or increase health of AI for my FiveM/FivePD server? Gun fights feel too easy and I want more action, thanks for any help. Also, are there any free alternatives for a EUP style mod that has LEO uniforms? Also also, Is there a FiveM compat. mod where you can ADS in First person? Thanks ?
  12. Delotrium

    FiveM ESX

    How do I remove this error, ESX doesnt work and I think this is the culprit
  13. C:\Users\{user}\AppData\Local\FiveM\\cache\priv Are all those cache files the resources or smth else?
  14. Yes ik that they are temp., just some servers have a lot of files- where/what is the filepath of the cache for the resources?

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