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  1. yep. (smashes dl button). Are your others posted as well?
  2. if only i can spam like... Tested on every car and vani car, and its just what ppls been wanting. Plan for the future maybe: Get it to lock based on players center screen with a key. Def Upvote this guy or something
  3. Are we able to add more questions to the Selections? or would that break the script.
  4. Totally love that this is moves the heli's spotlight as well. Unsure if other clients can see it, but idc. LOVE IT!!!!
  5. Did you install the fivepd.sql file into the database?
  6. it comes up though the interaction menu if installed correctly
  7. Do you think shorten the questions through questions.json would help?
  8. And the lines in the config file have to match the info for my database correct?
  9. I've followed the steps for the download, and set the config to the correct format. And when i turn on the server, i get the message FivePD unloading in the console. Any fixes for this?

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