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  1. Simply the error here. I will follow the Guide of the Topic. But it's dont work. I was sent here from Discord, which I don't really think makes sense, but still, maybe it will help ERRO: An exception occurred during merging: Unresolved assembly reference not allowed:
  2. The callouts individually work fine, but if I now try to install other callouts additionally, the MDT and other things of the FivePD no longer work.
  3. I have downdloaded all you callouts, this dll's merged and one config.json but its not working
  4. Hello, So I have all BGHD callouts with a config.json the output I packed and uploaded a folder, then restarted the FivePD script but the callouts do not load I have already uploaded the data and restarted the server, it still does not load
  5. This problem is now fixed^-^ I don't know what was the error
  6. When i try to start "FivePD" it comes: The VServer has Internet and i am selfe too. Help please
  7. Hello, my FivePD is not saving Characters how can i fix this? A Skin Creator is not loading, need help with this please ~Evoli | Daniel-212th Discord: Evoli | Daniel-212th#2182
  8. Hello, when i press "B" for the Police Computer (In a Vehicel) it load the Mouse but the "Screen of the Computer" is dont loading, the Console has no Error I have acutally no idea how to fix this "error" without an "Error"
  9. Evoli


    Btw. i dont use PHPMyAdmin i use Navicat Database
  10. Hello i have tried to install the FivePD Script, it was very easy but the Database cant connect. I have changed the Configuration with mit Data of my Database, i have changed this multiple times. But is dont working. I need help, the support on the Discord was not very friendly so i come here on the Forum and write this Ticket. The Database and the FiveM Server are on the same VServer, the Database and the FiveM Server starts at the same time. So i dont have any idea how to fix this error. Please help me Best regards !Evoli | Daniel Discord: Evoli | Daniel-212th#2182 Please help. Thanks

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