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  1. ah damn, yea i do. i use baker's sirens usually. does the siren setting limit adjuster fix that?
  2. is there any way to have it where it beams from the actual spotlight? or to have the spotlight physically be apart with it?
  3. is it possible to upload the fivem version? i cant seem to get the rpf thru archivefx EDIT: i did get it through, and after following all the steps, no vehicle sounds work. Car door, start, siren, nothing. What did i do wrong?
  4. always liked your work man. Do you think you could go even further and maybe add like suspension noises hitting pothole or bumps? just a thought, but im liking this as is
  5. the mirror lights are totally off and gigantic. Sorry it took so long to get a screenshot and upload but the left blue mirror is huge while the red one is also big and underneath the tahoe
  6. could u scale up the rear dash lights? Theyre pretty small and hardly emit good lighting in the day and theyre decent at best at night. Otherwise the car is unique and pretty tough
  7. what about your gameconfig? is it limitless vehicles and or up to date? that's all the help I can offer bro
  8. negative.. r u sure you added the dlc list?

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