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  1. i got it all working now thanks for all the help
  2. well all our servers are running fine first off some with fivepd older versons no issue our esx servers are fine and our vmenu servers are fine so the google is not the issue as we are on a vps and all servers say that even the fivepd i say there is some else wrong like i stated many people seen this in a live stream and see im doing everthing right the server starts no problem just fivepd wont work i will offer again to come into voice and screen share so you guys can see im not lieing and help me with this issue and me not lose no more members over this
  3. just updateing to the new version and still black screen and no f11
  4. so reinstalled it and installed everything in the database through php and everything is still empty idk what is going on but something is not right i will be back in 5 hours to see what you guys suggest
  5. i have once again reinstalled and installed fivepd and the data base now over 50 times still same thing black loading screen and no fivepd i have screen shaired multiple times with multiple members and they have seen im doing everything right i have offered to come into discord and screen share so you guys can see and help but nobody has taken me up on that we use HeidiSQL that gos through our phpmyadmin on our vps but for the 51st time i will do it all again since im just going in circles
  6. I just did a live screen share with mike and he saw i did everything right and still not working
  7. this is everything that i got from the download
  8. here you go everything in the mysqul for the data base is empty and it is the one i got from the folder
  9. ok so where is my issue then what else could i be missing what files other than the config do i need to do something with obveosliy its not working
  10. this is the the server i dont know what that inistantiated is but that all that shows
  11. everything i even offered to come into voice and live stream to discord to show you guys what is going on i have cleared the cache i reinstalled everything over and over and nothing what so ever works
  12. i really dont see a issue but something is for sure going on as it dont work at all
  13. this is the latest verson that i have the black loading screen on verson

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