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  1. NotCamSlice's post in Radar Stopped Working and the Game Closes was marked as the answer   
    The issues you're describing doesn't sound as a FivePD issue, more as a FiveM streaming issue. When playing with different players, the server and client side are having to streamline the vehicles and other addons to both you as the client and to the server with other players. Some players computers or internet aren't able to take everything coming so the game could suddenly freeze and tab you out, forcing you having to wait and tab back in. As far as "F6" key, FivePD does not have any keybinds set to F6, so this has to be a server side script or a client menu that is enabled. 
  2. NotCamSlice's post in Do I need to rent a server or not? was marked as the answer   
    You can learn how to open your ports and allow users to connect to your local host. The best solution would be getting a VPS server from Sonoran. 
  3. NotCamSlice's post in Obfuscation was marked as the answer   
    This is internal information. I'd suggest using any of the free Obfuscation that are published.
  4. NotCamSlice's post in FivePD MDT Issue was marked as the answer   
    Follow this: 
  5. NotCamSlice's post in I can't attach to callout, respond to backup, E interaction with the ped does not work properly and can't put suspect on the vehicle was marked as the answer   
    "Could not initiate the callout", remove the callout causing the issue
  6. NotCamSlice's post in fivepd loading screen images was marked as the answer   
    Yes, open bundle.js search for .png
    You'll be able to change, add, or remove images
  7. NotCamSlice's post in Need Help. Serverstarter.bat not launching FIVEPD was marked as the answer   
    You will need to go to FiveM Forums and talk with their Support/Technical team, the issue you're having is not related towards FivePD
  8. NotCamSlice's post in On Duty Notification Help was marked as the answer   
    First off, opening the FivePD.net.dll file goes against FivePD EULA meaning you are not allowed to. Secondly, messages aka notifications are meant to be broadcasted
  9. NotCamSlice's post in Help with install was marked as the answer   
    Iceline hosting Ports might be blocking the connection with FivePD Servers, You would need to contact Iceline. If they can't resolve the issue, you may need to switch hosting providers, I would suggest Sonoran as they are partnered with us (FivePD & GTAPoliceMods)
  10. NotCamSlice's post in Not Accepting Backup, AI don't show up to scene/cancel was marked as the answer   
    sounds as if you may have upgraded incorrectly. I would completely start over since your old server is 6 months behind on updates
  11. NotCamSlice's post in Start.Bat issue was marked as the answer   
    .BAT issues or problems you're having is not related towards FivePD. Assuming you're using a BAT file for FiveM server so you would need to contact FiveM at their forums
  12. NotCamSlice's post in FivePD errors.. not loading.. was marked as the answer   
    Check out Sebo Installation Tutorial for ZAP-Hosting
  13. NotCamSlice's post in MDT was marked as the answer   
    You’ll need to add any addon police car names into the json file 
  14. NotCamSlice's post in ALPR was marked as the answer   
  15. NotCamSlice's post in CAD was marked as the answer   
    Go to "vehicles.json" and add your addon police cars in there
  16. NotCamSlice's post in A connection must be open and valid was marked as the answer   
    Try downloading the latest version of fivepd
  17. NotCamSlice's post in Create my own character. No permission to MDT with ESX mod. was marked as the answer   
    If you're the server owner, you must give yourself admin via the database. Creating your own Characters is not a thing in FivePD as far as "civilians" go. Also to note FivePD was not made/tested along other mods such as ESX. If you want to use both, you will have to figure that out
  18. NotCamSlice's post in Issues with the mysql was marked as the answer   
    It's not an SQL issue nor an issue. Ignore that as we haven't added it to config.json file yet

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