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  1. Ooh can't wait to see the future of FivePD
  2. FivePD focus more on the Policing side, hence the name of the mod. Based off the screenshots you provided us, you currently have " vehiclecitations " table selected, but you're wanting/trying to find data for, " department_members " i would assume. Please right click on FivePD and refresh the tables. once done go to department_members table and see if there is any data within them. Are you using the a previous database with data or have you completely created a whole new database for the new version of FivePD?
  3. Nicely done @Daniel K. @Natixco
  4. 1K21 return? lmao

    1. Ray


      I second that motion ?‍⚖️

  5. Config > vehicles.json
  6. make sure you've installed it properly
  7. that's not an error or bug. That's been there since the first release, the computer is built off React which utilize babel
  8. this is already in FivePD lol
  9. You will have to leave that department and join another
  10. You can learn how to open your ports and allow users to connect to your local host. The best solution would be getting a VPS server from Sonoran.
  11. The issues you're describing doesn't sound as a FivePD issue, more as a FiveM streaming issue. When playing with different players, the server and client side are having to streamline the vehicles and other addons to both you as the client and to the server with other players. Some players computers or internet aren't able to take everything coming so the game could suddenly freeze and tab you out, forcing you having to wait and tab back in. As far as "F6" key, FivePD does not have any keybinds set to F6, so this has to be a server side script or a client menu that is enabled.
  12. Lately ZAP has been having a lot of connectivity issues including with MySQL. I wouldn't relay on ZAP if you have a choice, switch to Sonoran. This is definitely not a bug with FivePD as all the issues here has to do with MySQL
  13. This is internal information. I'd suggest using any of the free Obfuscation that are published.
  14. Sent you the download link via DMs
  15. Let me edit the radio I made for a community and I'll send it over for you to use

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