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  1. Hello, first of all, thank you for creating such a good system.

    I will post a feed that can be a question or a suggestion.

    There was an entry that was added as a test to change each entry for a violation to native language, but the encoding method caused the letters to break.

    So, Is there anything I can set up about character encoding for use in a language other than English, such as UTF-8 or EUC-JP?

    Of course, it may be difficult, but it is because it is difficult for people who are not good at English to play or because they have to explain a lot.

    Thank you for reading. I'll wait for your reply.

    1. NotCamSlice


      Changing or trying to decompile our source code is against our EULA and if a server is caught doing so they will be blacklisted from using FivePD. Later in the future we will support more languages but seeing as the mod is still new we don't plan on having that our any time soon

    2. viperwater


      Please note that we never did anything like decompile your system.

      It only touched what we normally could fix, and we didn't try to open the system with professional skills.

      I just wanted know that how to add languages from other countries.

      Also, don't worry, we care very much about EULA policies.

      Thanks for your answer.

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