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  1. Most of the time when this happens, holding down E on your keyboard while pointing a firearm at them will result in a stop. If you don't point your firearm at them, you can use the x menu and then cuff ped.
  2. I would check what TheCipher01 stated and also check to see what SQL you are using. I use XAMPP SQL which is reliable for the most part and has never given me any issues. I have seen people who just use the sql lite or other forms have issues such as this where it messes with the format and just throws errors and shuts down to everyone else besides the admin.
  3. Did you by chance turn on Onesync when you changed your build? I would check this first in the settings section of txadmin and ensure that it's off as that is a very known issue is items appearing then disappearing.
  4. Do you have the admin code and signed in under admin when you are doing this? I use mySQL instead of SQL lite. It has worked better for me but I know some people are more succesful with it. I use XAMPP and have never had any issues promoting or demoting members. I have had some issues with kicking them but, I just go into admin section of the mysql database and go to users then do it from there.
  5. Do you have onesync turned on in your server? Check the server.cfg as well as the settings in txadmin to ensure that this is turned off. Onesync will cause callouts not to spawn at all occasionally and also will cause the ones that do spawn to be strange looking. I would start there to ensure that it's off. Another thing to check which may seem silly but make sure you are in a department in CAD. If you have not joined a department, you will not get callouts.
  6. Do you have XAMPP or another MySQL service setup and started? I would also check the config file and make sure it's set to "mysql" so that it's writing to what you see in phpmyadmin. Another thing you may try is using the fivePD configurator tool found in the add on section and changing the password or just doing a complete re-install of everything including the SQL service that you are using. XAMPP has been the most reliable for me.
  7. Unfortunately there is no way to extend the distance. The best tool that you can use is the traffic stop menu when you are attemping to pull over a vehicle and order them to stop at a certain marker. Unfortunately as you can tell, sometimes you have to be right on their bumper to get this to work. I think something in the future that would help is being a bit further back as I commonly rear end cars I want to stop. One method that works for me is just lighting them up, wait for them to merge, then hit shift and start the traffic stop.
  8. There may be a private dev working on this but to my knowledge there is nothing like this out right now. There is a few that are out there I have tried in the past but they usually result in freezing. I usually try to only use MDT in my car and as little as possible so that I can be aware of my surroundings. I could see how this could be useful for some people who are on foot patrol or need more detailed readback than just what the radio provides.
  9. This comes down to more of an EUP or resource editing deal. I have found some recently but, they usually dont match up with my uniforms or they are off center. I would try to see if you can find a good EUP developer who can create some for you to fit your uniforms.
  10. Unfortunately not. You can create multiple departments and jump between them but unfortunately you cannot be in numerous departments at one time.
  11. I have noticed this a bit with the new update. Either they will start coming or just says an error occurred and then they don’t come. I re-installed the entire FivePD package minus the sql and it fixed it.
  12. Support team, you can close this out. Issue resolved. If you have txadmin, there is now an additional section in settings, FXserver where you must turn off onesync
  13. Hi Guys! So we just migrated to a VPS with When we transferred FivePD over, we were getting callouts but peds have not been spawning. Looks like we are getting some kind of error code in the F8 but not really sure what it means. We have Onesync set to false as it should be and we are able to do traffic stops and whatnot still. The calls are getting dispatched and it routes you to the calls as well but, when you arrive in the area of the call, there are no peds that spawn in. Any information or help would be greatly appreciated
  14. Strange! So to me, it sounds like your host is running another form of MySQL, Sqlite, or another system that utilizes that port in the background somewhere on the same port that SQL runs on. This maybe something you could or could not see. The best option in this case would be to reach out to your provider and take a in-depth look at this with them. Explain the errors that you are having and see if they can find out what issues or softwares they have that would interfere with a MySQL server and port for your database. Essentially what that error is telling us is something, somewhere is utilizing the same port protocol that MySQL utilizes which I believe is 3306 by default. I would tell your server provider this as they can take a look and see if they have any outbound connections on these ports to see if they can re-route them or just do away with them in general.
  15. Hello there! So first off, there is a big difference between sqlite and MySQL. I would assume since you are checking it utilizing myphp, you want to set it to MySQL as that is how it writes to that SQL database you see in myphp which is a local SQL server. What software are you utilizing for this (e.g. XAMPP or other local sql software)? If you have this set to MySQL, it will save the ranks, data, etc. As far as that error code, it sounds like you have multiple databases attempting to write to each other. The best way I can think of and offer to fix this would be to do a complete and clean install of FivePD to ensure that your files are clean. Go back into your config.json and change to mysql before you start the resource. Then, I would go into myphp and delete the old FivePD sql database and then re-create a new database and upload the .sql file that comes with the FivePD install. Another recommendation that I would make is to make sure that you have onesync turned off. I have not heard of many issues happening with mysql and onesync however, I have heard of several issues with backup and onesync enabled. If you have tried and attempted all of the above steps, I would be more than happy to assist you in taking an additional look at it. You may reach me on discord at Bob Evans #0526 Have a great one!

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