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  1. the sec you request a ems or tow it cancells the request how do i fix this
  2. this is the error I get and don't know what it is see attachment
  3. Ive checked all of that compared to working vehicles and cant find anything different havent got any new vehicles to spawn ive added thats why i ask if theres a some kinda limit to the amount of add on vehicles you can have or a bug or something
  4. deleted the files in cache folder didn't fix it could it be something in vic meta files or something cause everything is installed right where should be comes up on .json and everything loads fine when starting server
  5. I just went back to 3 till its worked on
  6. added some cars worked great chp pack mdt wont work on any of them and any new cars I add everything is installed correct but wont spawn
  7. put in new file for version 4 not fivepd not working at all did what said to do on update page but still not working

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