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  1. I wish you guys the best of luck. I hope for a perfect version of FivePD someday.
  2. No I am not having any lag and only clicking once. It just keeps doing it over and over. Atleast everytime I create a department is does.
  3. Yeah I saw that just before you messaged. Also here is a new bug for you. If you add a new Department is creates them 4 times. Also when you hold down to delete them it deletes 2 at a time.
  4. We found out what is was. We have custom cars in and we were trying to access it with those and they don't work so in a default car it does work.
  5. Okay nevermind I just say the new guide for 1.0.1 with the departments not being there. I apologize @NotCamSlice but after I have made myself Admin I dont see the Admin menu or anything in the MDT that is is stating.
  6. I already have departments.
  7. Okay so I was on v1.0 and saw that v1.0.1 released. I know this is brand new and will have bugs but with v1.0.1 when I go in-game everything is working. I can teleport and get my loadout and calls come out but in the image (below) this is what happens when a call comes out then when I go into the "CAD" and register I put my callsign then I can't choose a department. Like the button isn't working for me to choose what department I want to go on. In v1.0 it was working fine. I mean of course bugs here and there but in my opinion v1.0.1 is more unplayable then v1.0 is. I dropped the old sql file and imported the new one and deleted the old one with the new one as well.
  8. 1.0.1 is bugged. Once you Register is in the "CAD" it closes it and unloads FivePD. I have made sure that it's not just me so another server owner that is my friend updated his server and it happened to him as well. I went back to v1.0 as v1.0.1 isn't working for me.

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