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  1. thanks for the reply! Sorry for the late response i've been working for a couple of days. All the classes in my Vechicles.meta are set to VC_EMERGENCY, just checked. (I only have addon vehicles that are LEO related at this time). Anyone have any other ideas? Really has me stumped.
  2. I've been scouring google for help with these couple of minor issues recently and can't find anyone with the same issue out there (which is telling me it's probably something silly I'm doing wrong but I can't seem to figure it out). So I have a self-hosted FiveM server running FivePD with ELS+. ELS works fine, but I have a couple of interesting issues: 1. Even if I set the "LstgActivationType" to 'auto' rather than 'manual' in the XML files for the ELS vehicles, they still walk through the light stages on button press as if it was still set to manual. I have ensured that the files are changed server side, I have restarted the resources and the entire server and still it acts like it is set to manual. Is there another setting I need to look at to make sure it is checking that setting in the individual XML files for the vehicles? 2. SOME of my addon vehicles have sirens that activate automatically when they get to light stage 3. Not all of them do this, but the files appear to have the same options selected whether they do or don't, so I'm not sure where the difference is coming from. Additionally, the ELS siren is still able to be activated overlapping the automatic one. The one that comes on automatically appears to be the normal in-game siren, I say this because if I cycle the light stages very quickly (as if in a regular in-game police car hitting the horn button twice quickly) it blips the siren in the funny way that the normal (non-els) police cars in the game do...if that makes any sense. So it appears to me that something is telling the game that when the emergency lights come on the in-game siren comes on just like a regular non-els car would do. Any help is appreciated, like I say these are minor issues, more annoyances than anything, but I'm not sure what I'm overlooking. Thanks!!

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