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  1. Police transport arrives. Walks the ped over to the car. Ped gets in the car. Ped gets straight out of the car. Transport drives off. Is there a known fix? Also is the ped meant to follow you all the time when they're cuffed even if you haven't told them to follow you in the menu? Gets kinda annoying.
  2. abissell


    I've deleted the default callouts and that appears to have fixed it. Thought it could be something to do with that as soon as you mentioned it. Appreciate it!
  3. abissell


    Only the 4 default ones in the callouts directory. The rest are in their own directories inside callouts. 12 altogether.
  4. abissell


    Yeah I've just realised that the version has changed so that leaves me even more clueless as to what the issue may be.
  5. abissell


    Where has the hotfix download link gone for 1.1.2? CAD isn't working in any vehicle, when you press B the mouse pointer that you would normally see in the CAD pops up but nothing else so I'm thinking I might need to try and reinstall the hotfix? I do get some errors in F8 but not sure if it's to do with FivePD. Image attached.
  6. No errors, we do have community callouts but this isn't when callouts are active
  7. EMS and FD does their job then doesn't leave the scene. Air Ambulance lands but doesn't get out. Mechanic comes and stands next to the car, doesn't do anything and doesn't leave. No errors in F8 Updated to 1.1 by Modern Solutions and I did the hotfix myself.
  8. abissell


    Yep we have 1.1 and the hotfix. Car is completely totalled, drowned and noclipped out of the water. Doesn't leave the scene.
  9. abissell


    Is the Mechanic supposed to actually do anything? He just comes and stands next to the car and it never gets fixed.
  10. I've just done that and they still despawn for some reason. Very strange
  11. Nothing in F8. Only thing I can think of trying is deleting vMenu completely and rewriting the permissions in-case there's an issue there.
  12. Yeah I've already tried that. It doesn't work, its definitely not checked and still deletes the vehicle. Spawn inside vehicle is also off. I've never had this issue on one of my servers before, always been able to spawn multiple.
  13. Is it a thing with FivePD that you can only spawn one vehicle at a time even if its through vMenu? Every time I try and spawn a second my first deletes. Or is it probably a conflict somewhere else in my server files/vMenu permissions?
  14. Will try removing it and installing Radiance instead then. The info we got about it being FivePD must be wrong.

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