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  1. [PvE/RP] +500 Custom Vehicles, +5000 EUP items, Custom Weapons, Custom Sounds & YMAPS/MLOS | Custom Framework alongside FivePD Scripting | Join Our Growing Gaming Community of +2K Members Today!
  2. Would you be willing to let me know who made that beautiful Dodge Ram? ?
  3. Oh.. might want to give credit then since it's the same skin, just in black. ?
  4. Are you the same developer that released this skin on GTA5 mods last year? Love it.
  5. Is there a way to edit the keybind to access the radio?
  6. Yes, sir! Thank you guys for all the awesome work.
  7. Yes, sir! Fully fresh install. We had like 50 callouts, it definitely needed a fresh one. Haha. I'm looking into error logs and mdtvehicles settings as we speak.
  8. Unfortunately, after trying all of that - still no "Z" or "B" menu. Might be time to revert to the old FivePD since it actually works. ?
  9. I'll give that a shot and let you know! Thanks for your help so far homie.
  10. Unfortunately, the MDT doesn't open. Otherwise that would be perfect!
  11. The database shows now signs of errors either.
  12. Even weirder - everything else works including AI pullover
  13. I'm unable to see any errors that would be causing this issue. Pretty stumped.
  14. Just tried that, unfortunately hasn't fixed the computer or "Z" menu - all callouts are default.
  15. Hello! Everything with the new install is working except for the Police Computer and the "Z" menu to control callouts. Attached are the only errors I can see. Hope there's an easy fix to this!

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