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  1. Ok, I'll look at it. I just wanted to ask if they want to add it to FivePD like it is in singleplayer. Thanks for the help. I appreciate it ?
  2. I wanted to suggest it for FivePD not for singleplayer ?
  3. Hello, I wanted to ask if there is any way to turn down the aggressivity of NPCs because when we for example drive through the city, random NPC starts shooting at us. Thank you, Adam.
  4. Maybe let admins see citations and arrest reports that other officers made.
  5. Make it configurable to disable the FivePD Rich Presence please.
  6. Add tablet. same as the police computer but you can open it on foot.
  7. Can u do some type of list of working callouts? Cause when you pick up a call it often doesn't spawn. Thanks
  8. On duty officers map blips
  9. In cad add place for dipatchers so they can attach you to calls and stuff. ?

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