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  1. it is not letting me something was broken last time i tried but i will try again
  2. i used used the latest one but ranks and deps sql probably is old.
  3. I am having an issue importing ranks and dep.sql after update. i have reinstalled the database a couple of times. how do i fix this. thanks
  4. i finally fixed it there was something that was messed up in the config file for my database. but when i go into cad to set up ranks and departments the cursor doesnt work
  5. again and again i have tried can someone add me on discord Weirdo50#0062
  6. i thought i figured it out i will post the file in here so you can look and let me know what is wrong i downloaded it strait from fivepd site [ "police", "police2", "police3", "police4", "policeold1", "policeold2", "policet", "polmav", "pranger", "polmav", "riot", "riot2", "sheriff", "sheriff2", "fbi", "fbi2" ]
  7. i have done that and it fixed an error now i have something saying invalid mdt_vehicles.jason
  8. i have not edited the languages and fivepd.sql is in the zap host database
  9. ' log [ FivePD ] Successfully connected to the Database [ FivePD ] Los Santos Police Department has been loaded [ FivePD ] Blaine County Sheriff Office has been loaded [ FivePD ] San Andreas Highway Patrol has been loaded [ERROR] [MySQL] An error happens on MySQL for query "SELECT 1 FROM users WHERE `identifier`=@identifier; {identifier=steam:11000010a03e3c4}": Unknown column 'identifier' in 'where clause'

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