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  1. German FivePD server with custom EUP, ELS, realistic weapons and vehicles.
  2. So my ticket got closed... But i didnt get an answer of my last question so.... does FivePD works with 64 slots and Onesync enabled? Did the computer not work because of SaltyChat?
  3. Hello, i had this problem in the past but i thought it would be fixed... but no. So first: I accept a callout and i want to add my partner sitting with me in the car and when i add him it says "You are not in callout". Second problem: When i accept a callout i get the route and the message in the left corner but when im on my way to the callout the callout crahes. The route is removed but the text in the corner is still existing. I tried that with may callouts, always the same ? Hope you'll fix that with the next version.
  4. Ok, i might solved the problem. I used the standard config for FiveM... is FivePD working with 64 slots and Onesync enabled? Because I used "+set onesync legacy " and i changet it to standard "onesync_enabled true"... i also disabled SaltyChat. Might it because of that?
  5. Here are the screenshots. Dont know if i should show the tokens, dont know what they do so i decided to hide them...
  6. Hello, since a few days i have the problem that the mdt is not starting. I installed the newest version and it was working great,. A few days later i wasn't able to open the computer. I didn't install something for FivePD (like callouts or something). So I fully removed full FivePD and the Fivepd database and installed the newest version again. But its still not working. Everything is working, but not the computer. Of course im on duty. I can't open the callout menu too, but i think thats because im not in a department because i can acces the computer. I'll put a screenshot where you can see what happens when the server starts. When i push "b" i do not get any errors in console.
  7. Server: I7 6700K 512 GB M.2 SSD 64 GB DDR4 RAM My PC: R5 1600x RTX 2080Ti 16 GB 3600 RAM I thought they wouldn't be any big FPS lose because FivePD is server sided ont client sided. So why do my computer have to deal with it? The server streams the FivePD stuff....
  8. Picture should explain everything, is there something i can do?
  9. Ok, thank you. Topic can be closed.
  10. I can do. Is there a specal forum area where i have to post it? Or can i post it here?
  11. Yes. I reinstalled FivePD and the database. As i said, i can add my partner... but i can only add him if we are not both in one vehicle.
  12. Hello, i have two questions regarding the computer system. 1. As you know you can create custom ranks in the "ranks.json" file. But you can also create some ranks ingame in the computer system when your logged in to a police deparment. So whats the different between the "ingame" creation and the edit of the "ranks.json"? Why do i cant see my created ranks in the "ranks.json" on the computer system ingame? 2. In the computer systm ingame you can see a logo next to the rank. Can i change the design of that logo? Can i upload a logo? If yes, how? Best regards
  13. Yes, we are. When we are both in a one vehicle i'll get the message "You are not in a callout" when i want to add him. When he leaves the vehicle i can add him and than he has to go back into his car and press B ._.
  14. No, only the guy how accepted the callout is in the callout.
  15. So i found out something. When i am in a vehicle (and my partner isn't) i can accept the callout and click "add nearby player" and it works. My partner gets a backup request. But when we both sit in the vehicle and i accept the callout and try to add him it says "You are not in a callout". Whats happening here?

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