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  1. The rookie nerd of putting cool liveries on vehicles that takes custom liveries lol

    1. EmilioTheNerd


      The professional nerd of putting milk before cereal.

  2. but wouldn't I have edit fivem with a mods folder or nvm I give up. Too much advance stuff I ain't gonna hundred percent understand
  3. If I wanted LSPDFR mod skins I would alreadly look that up on youtube. But I'm asking bout fivepd
  4. Well just got simple trainer to work for fivepd so it be either f3 or f4 to use it. But how would I be able to put the skins in the pack that has like the LSPD livery skin already in it, though like I mention before would like to have sheriff liveries on it as well.
  5. So I know there are car pack and such, but I got like two car parks which both have meta files it in and could enable one I guess at a time. Is there a way just to get a skin/livery pack to enable it between the cars so I can save like a version of that car in the pack like LSPD CVPI and BCSO CVPI variant skin off the same pack in FivePD?
  6. Ok is there a setting button in there? Sorry if I'm asking that, just you know I'm not the smartest with these mods and such right off the bat lol
  7. Hey so I wanted to know if there is a way to change my key bindings for FivePD so I change it to how I like it for when playing FivePD.

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