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  1. Theres a lot of open interior places in gta 5 you should make more places then just the house. But good job.
  2. Alright it works, thanks. You can lock this. ? Thanks to @Smanbg@BGHDDevelopment
  3. Where would I go to check that?... If I set it or not
  4. I did that still doesnt work, but for some reason when I delete the fivepd file it doesn't delete the folder and 2 contents in the folder.
  5. sorry Im newer to this, where's the "Discord line"
  6. Wheres console logs, i'm hosting the fivepd server on zap also.
  7. updated my fivepd but it the off duty/on duty doesn't show or the f11, not sure why it doesn't work.
  8. There was a mod for LSPDFR that would fix this issue but not sure if theres a script out there for fivem/fivepd to fix it. It was called the "Overlay Away - Hide props in first person! 1.0.1" It would remove the problem of this Just asking if theres an easy fix like a script or a setting I have to change
  9. Nevermind figured out the problem, thank you a lot! Forget to run the start.bat
  10. I reinstalled it through ftp. Everything looks good until you go in game nothing pops up. Even though it gives us the fivepd cover screen when loading
  11. @BGHDDevelopment We clicked "SET FTP PERMISSIONS" same thing, it didn't do anything in game. Would we need to install file zilla?
  12. Me and friend are trying to host FIVEPD through zap. I have everything installed correctly I believe because it says FivePD has successfully connected to the database. I believe I have the SQL installed correctly This is all I see when I connect to the server

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