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  1. Read previous comments before posting. Benzaboy is well aware of this issue. For some people it works perfectly fine, and others it doesn't.
  2. It is working for some people and others it is not. He is looking into it, but don't expect an update anytime soon.
  3. Do you not read previous comments? He is well aware of this.
  4. Could you possibly make a San Andreas Highway Patrol(SAHP) pack? 10/10 on the patches dude.
  5. I think you forgot to put in the triangular LSPD patch with the American flag on top of it
  6. This server is a lore-friendly server, built souly for FivePD. Our basic number one rule is to not GTA Online it up. We want everyone to have a fun experience when it comes to serving your fellow LEOs.
  7. It's meant for FiveM... it's a FivePD callout pack which is designed for FiveM
  8. Can confirm from Brush Fire callout at least, fire is spawning underground still.
  9. Yea I went to a Structure Fire and couldn't see a whole lot of fire. Not sure about any other callouts, it might be a OneSync thing but idk as of right now. The latest version is on my server.
  10. Thanks for finally updating these callouts!
  11. The current jurisdictions is only a circle. It would be great to do a line by line write up of where the jurisdiction for each department is located. i.e. : https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/lspdfr-xml-jurisdictions-versions (pictures can be found using the jurisdictions link provided)
  12. If you need a place to get MDT department logos, imgur is a good place to use to upload images to. I've done several already for mine and my friends FivePD server MDT and the links work.
  13. Your vehicles.meta is crashing my game. Luckily I saved the base, just in case something like this was to happen. Also, any chance you might know why my police2, police3, sheriff and sheriff2 slots aren't loading in the vehicle models?
  14. ReadMe for the handling would be nice
  15. Some more location ideas could be, say in Grapeseed or Paleto Bay. Also, could we possibly get this for Singleplayer as well? I implemented the YMAP file to the "custom_maps" DLC for Singleplayer, went into the game to look and see if they were working. None of the lights were actually working. Other than that, 10/10 man.
  16. Some people might like the idea of using garages to pull out their vehicles, instead of just instantly spawning them in. This would add into the realism that LSPDFR also provides. Potential Garage Locations: - Mission Row PD (specifically for LSPD vehicles) - Sandy Shores Sheriffs Station (specifically for BCSO vehicles) - Paleto Bay Sheriffs Station (specifically for BCSO vehicles, and the police helicopter) - Sandy Shores Airfield (specifically for the police helicopter) - Los Santos International Airport (specifically for the police helicopter)
  17. Here's some more random event ideas for ya: - Road Rage - Shots Fired - Stolen Vehicle - Attempted Murder (Someone using a knife running after another person)
  18. Some servers may not use EUP or trainers such as SimpleTrainer for the sake of saving money and so people can't spawn in vehicles such as overpowered vehicles or weapons.
  19. FivePD has been updated for v1.1, could you please update this callout to be compatible with the new FivePD?
  20. Is it possible to have like an "add-ons" section of the menu, for like servers that have added on vehicles? Also need to add the fireman ped to the menu for those that use the Fire & Rescue callouts.
  21. Could you also add in like a liveries section? Like how in simpletrainer u can choose different liveries in the "Vehicle Options" area. If possible
  22. Could you please add the ambulance and firetruck to the Duty Menu?

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