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  1. Fohrensic


    Offense and charges cannot be found when searching up ai names after you put them in.
  2. Fohrensic

    Criminal Record

    After searching up a suspect in mdt. Every shingle one doesn't have a past criminal record. Also after running into them in the future our charges we applied aren't listed anymore.
  3. Fixed it. Computer folder was misplaced
  4. Fohrensic

    mdt freeze

    when I try to open the MDT with B it only shows a cursor and i cant move or cant do anything
  5. Fohrensic

    Spike Strips

    spike strips not working in v1.3. { "police": [ { "name": "hp1", "vehicle": "hp1", "isAvailableForEveryone": true },
  6. Fohrensic

    Spike Strips

    With the new update you cannot pull out spike strips from the back of your unit. Any way to have it work again?

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