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  1. I am still running into this issue I can not for the life of me figure out how to figure this out?
  4. I really cant figure this out at first I thought it was just one pack but its all of them... I left out dlctext.meta do I need that there too? I am really confused on this because the batch file that I had to start the server loaded everything fine but its only now that when I connect to the actual server it wont work...
  5. tell me what I did wrong?
  6. will I be kicked if I send a snap shot of what I have?
  7. So I have runto the conclusion that Fivem is unable to open the __Reasource.lua but for the life of me I can figure out why
  8. oh I get it in a way its like the dlclist for base GTA 5 ok however there is a small issue I am running into that I cant figure out I know I have everything typed out properly!
  9. ok so could you give me a written example because I think I know where you are going but want to be sure! so you mean like if I did it like this? I would also assume the same for the stream folder?
  10. OK so how do I do that? do I post the 4 in the data folder because wouldn't 4 reasource.lua conflict with eachother since the computer thinks they're all the same file or do you mean to imply that it all goes into the same resource.lua?
  11. elaborate, I am not sure I understand what you mean , do you mean I make 4 reasource.lua files?
  12. I looked at this video and understand what it says however it is only (at least in my opinion) useful if you are installing one pack I want to install multiple I am trying to do my fivepd server as lore friendly at least to the best as I can but I need help figuring out how... if it helps here are the packs I am trying to install at least for the time being... _________________________________________________________________________________ LSPD _________________________________________________________________________________ LSSD ________________________________________________________________________________ LSFD ________________________________________________________________________________ NFOP _______________________________________________________________________________ and that's it, for now!
  13. I figured it out I had to open two batch files for it to work I do have some other problems but I'll open up another ticket for that since its a different issue...
  14. I do. I have now fixed the nucleause problem but now a new problem surfaces with fivepd

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