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  1. Please try to add rank based loadout and also nightstick and flash light for every rank.
  2. Yess, I agree too. Also Specific loadout for specific ranks and functions.
  3. Would be great if player knows under which police department's area it (callout) is on.
  4. Facing same problem. Let me know if you fix it.
  5. I know its not right place to ask but is there any way to include custom cars into F11 vehicle spawner?
  6. I dont use router. I have removed mysql-async and its now running again.
  7. Getting this error while starting server. Before starting I added mysql-async for es-extended. I wanted esx_spawner to assign custom cars only not allowing scripthook. My internet is ok.
  8. After finishing callouts killed suspect or arrested one's blip wont go away. Also after taking fine and dismissing suspects blips doesnt go.
  9. ahaha its working fine now. It was maybe too many windows was running .
  10. Do I have to add audios for external callouts? (nvm figured it out) And sorry I am new to this so if you can help me out. Which file to edit to add external callout event audio?
  11. Same for me too. Its too much slow.
  12. Alphabetical order would be better. Nice work bro.

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