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  1. We're happy to announce the release of GPM Integrations today. GPM Integrations is the official way to integrate your apps, scripts, and programs directly with GTAPoliceMods. We've created a flexible and simple API for developers to use completely for free. While the API is still small today, we're excited to obtain feedback from the GPM community regarding ideas for future endpoints and additions. GPM Integrations is available in the dropdown under your profile picture, in the top right. GPMDS has created a guide for developers to learn how to use GPM Integrations, che
  2. FiveM script makers who upload their content to GTAPoliceMods can take advantage of our GPM Integrations platform to notify users quickly and effortlessly of new updates. This guide shows how to set up such a system with FiveM's CLR (C#) environment. Our goal is to check for new updates every time the resource starts, and notify server owners when they're running an out-of-date version. Using GPM Integrations, we can do this at no cost. We'll be using Ray Designs Development Modification Studios INC LLC's "Who's Joe?" as our example today. The first step is to create a
  3. GPMDS has created a powerful API allowing developers to interact directly with the GTAPoliceMods platform. We've compiled some resources below on how to get started with some sample projects / uses: Creating a FiveM Version Check System with GPM Integrations API Documentation API Guidelines
  4. By using GPM Integrations, you agree to / understand the following: GPM reserves the right to terminate, suspend or disable access to the GPM Integrations platform at anytime. GPM reserves the right to limit connections during times of high usage. You agree to take full responsibility for your usage of GPM Integrations. GPM Community Guidelines, including the Developer Integration guidelines, are subject to change at anytime. You are responsible in ensuring compliance with our guidelines and keeping your usages up to date. You agree not to transmit harmful conte
  5. That's a text error. I'll pass it over to our Community Director. Lifetime VIP status does not expire after one year. Thank you for pointing this out.
  6. Completely synced. Everyone can see it. Enjoy!
  7. We'll take a look and get back to you. Thanks for reaching out.
  8. We've updated the site's FivePD menu to include a link to the support forum. Thank you for the suggestion!
  9. Thanks for reaching out. I’ll see if we can get that added potentially.
  10. Awesome work Squibsie! Can't wait to see where this goes.
  11. Hi there, You should already have the ability to make any edits to your server at this time. Simply tap the Server Actions dropdown in the top-right corner of your server browser listing. You should notice an "Edit Details" button. If you're not seeing this feature, please let me know. Thanks!
  12. Members, As it's been getting colder and we've all been getting pushed back indoors towards our computers, the team here at GPM has been working hard on numerous changes to the site which will benefit you. Currently, we're undergoing an update to the latest version of the system which GTAPoliceMods runs on. We're happy to say that with this update comes many improvements to both the core of the site and its cosmetics. Keep an eye on the Downloads section especially, as we continue to revise it in the coming months. We are also planning to include the new FivePD Server Browser
  13. You can use scheduled upload publishing to schedule a file in the GPM Downloads section to go public at a specific time. Only you and GPM staff can see the file before it's publicly published. Scheduling a file to publish later Files can be scheduled to publish in the future by selecting the appropriate option in the submission area: Editing a file's scheduled publish time So long as the file has not already been released, its publication time can be modified (or the file can be released immediately). To do so, use the "Edit Details" button at the bottom
  14. Thank you for both of the suggestions. We'll review them and consider implementing them.
  15. About the API: NOTE: The FivePD-API is in BETA, and we'll extend it as we get more feedback (both the documentation and the API). If you have any suggestions, feel free to submit them here with the feature request label. If you'd like to have another method/API call added/supported, please create a pull request on GitHub or request it here. FivePD GitHub API: https://github.com/KDani-99/FivePD-API
  16. What is FivePD? FivePD is a police modification for FiveM, developed by GPM. In simple words, it is a multiplayer LSPDFR. Disclaimer: FivePD has nothing to do with LSPDFR. Different mods, different developer teams. How can I install the mod? Information can be found on this page. I want to override the FivePD loading screen, how can I do this? Remove index.html from the 'files' section in __resource.lua and restart the server. Do LSPDFR plugins work with FivePD? No. They are two different mods. Can players play as a civil
  17. For installation on ZAP-Hosting, use the steps outlined here. Local Installation Make sure FiveM is set up correctly. More information can be found on this website. Download the latest release of FivePD from here. Navigate to \server\server-data\ in your server's installation directory. This part of the installation is very similar to other FiveM resources. Extract the FivePD folder from the downloaded copy of FivePD to the \server\server-data\resources folder. Navigate back to the \server\server-data\ folder and open the server.cfg file with a text
  18. For installation anywhere other than ZAP-Hosting, use the steps outlined here. Warning: SQLite is not working for a lot of people on servers provided by ZAP-Hosting. Make sure to use a MySQL database! ZAP-Hosting Installation (Video) https://youtu.be/7XtsOY1Z_z0 ZAP-Hosting Installation (Text) A functioning FiveM ZAP-Hosting server is required. ZAP-Hosting does not provide free servers. Download the latest release of FivePD from here. Extract the FivePD folder from the downloaded file. From the ZAP-Hosting dashboard, cli
  19. Setting up FivePD Installing FivePD is fairly straightforward. This page shows you how to do so. Keep in mind: FivePD requires a database. During installation, you will find information about installing FivePD itself, and information about installing a database. Both must be followed. In most cases, the database should be installed on the exact same server FivePD is installed on. It's easy to accidentally change something incorrectly, and FivePD will not work. Follow this page exactly for best results. Support is available here. GPM is an entirely voluntee
  20. Hi there, Please try disabling all scripts except for FivePD, to ensure nothing is conflicting. If you still experience problems, perform a fresh reinstall of FivePD (delete the entire old install first) following the instructions here. It's extremely important to make sure you follow everything exactly.
  21. Alright, thank you again for the report. We'll keep an eye on it. Rest assured you won't be labelled a "hacker" or anything of the sort. Feel free to update us again in the future if you notice any other bugs/glitches.
  22. Thanks for the report. You were editing your personal banner, and once you hit save, you were able to edit the club banners? Is that correct? Does this still happen if you try to edit it again?
  23. Your server is sending heartbeats to Google, when they should be going to a FiveM internal server (if the server is public). Unless you did that on purpose, it suggests that there is something misconfigured with your FiveM install. I'd try reinstalling FiveM (using the latest artifacts version, latest server.cfg example, and following the latest guide on their website). FivePD requires a fully functional FiveM installation.

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